Powered anode rod - corrosion guard

Powered anode rod for water heaters - How does it work?

Powered anode features and benefits

Eliminates rotten egg smell within 24 hours. Corrosion Guard will prevent these smells from ever coming back!

Stops corrosion inside your tank. Within 24 hours, your tank will be fully protected.

20-year warranty applies on all Corrosion Guard products. For you, but ultimately for the people behind us. As we like to say… Do it right, do it once.

Automatically adapts to your composition of water, in order to provide adequate corrosion protection.

comparison chart anode rod versus powered anode rod

Comparing the traditional anode rod versus a powered anode

How Corrosion Guard Powered Anode Works
 As soon as the current rectifier is connected to the nearest outlet, the Corrosion Guard anode supplies a small amount of current into the storage tank. This small amount of current completely prevents the corrosion of your water heater or tank. Since the anode is made out of titanium, it does not disintegrate over time, hence you would not need to change it every year!

How Magnesium Anode Rod Works
The anode rod is one of the most important factors in determining the life of your water heater. An anode rod is a steel core wire surrounded by one of three common sacrificial metals. These metals include aluminum, magnesium, and zinc. Anode rods are commonly used in water heaters or similar application areas. The rod is designed to corrode instead of the object you want to protect, in this case, your water heater. The anode rod of magnesium will corrode, and you will have to replace it year after year. It’s also very common as the magnesium anode start to corrode, it will start to give away a small scent of rotten eggs (hydrogen sulfide gas).

difference between traditional anode and powered anode rod
Powered anode rod that lasts
Our Powered anode is designed to last – Tested and inspected for 20 years in service

Since we started back in 1989, we have managed to accumulate a lot of different corrosion scenarios and experiences. We truly believe that this is what sets us apart from the competition. We both manufacture and design/advice on corrosion protection material every day, since 1989. We believe in true quality and that’s why we can offer 20 years of guarantee on our Corrosion Guard Products. We think our clients also demonstrates our ability to upkeep quality over time. Perhaps this is why, we still have a lot of the same clients since the very start, back in 1989.

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